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Glaswerk Ernstthal

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Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH and Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH & Co. KG are part of the Wiegand-Glas group and employ more than 550 employees in the glass container factory in Ernstthal (Thuringia) and the sales offices in Holzminden (Lower Saxony).

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Steinbach am Wald:
32 U 669171 5590079
50.43832°N 11.38237°E
Höhe= 595.0m
32 U 624636 5598188
50.52236°N 10.75828°E
Höhe= 392.7m
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Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH's mission statement

In the year 1703, Duke Johann Ernst granted Ernstthal the right to produce glass. In line with this tradition, the glass works was founded in 1923, in the heart of the Thuringian Forest. Therefore, we are proud that we have managed to grow the size of our company as well as our range of products to a new level since the 1990s, thanks to continuously high investment and the development and use of modern machinery and plant technology.

Meanwhile, we are the largest industrial employer in the Sonneberg district.

We melt up to 600 tons of glass daily. From this, we produce 1.2 m bottles for spirits, dressings and oils as well as exclusive designer bottles.

Our strengths include fast, customer focused product development and flexibility of our batch sizes. This makes production of smaller customer orders possible. Thanks to this and to individual design and colouring, we significantly improve the recognition value and value chain of our customers.

Company goals

We, the management and employees, are committed to achieving the corporate success that is required for the development and safeguarding the future of our business.

Company values

Innovation We focus on and implement continuous improvements in all areas of our business, we are open to new ideas and prepared for changes. We believe that this adds value to our business and our customers.

Independence Every one of us actively contributes to the success of the glass works through his or her performance. We focus on results and values. Our work is highly professional and flexible and we assume take responsibility for what we do.

Trust We show appreciation and are self-critical, credible and reliable, respect individual rights, standards and cultures and expect the same from our partners. We set ourselves rules and adhere to them.

Our company's principles

Our goals and values result in the following principles which are the benchmark for our day-to-day work and strategies.

We consistently focus all our work on the benefit for the customer

Our customers' goals become our goals. In order to achieve this, we place our entire skills and our best solutions at the customer's disposal - from a customer-specific development of a bottle to product support at the customer's site. Cross-functional teams of experts develop solutions in line with customer requirements and thus contribute to their success. Formatted:

Our suppliers are our partners

We expect no less from our suppliers than what we offer to our customers:

  • Competence,
  • Innovation
  • Quality,
  • Reliability,
  • Flexibility.

Our aim is a lasting relationship with our suppliers and we are a reliable partner for them. We gain their trust by making our position clear, being open, working together with a focus on problem-solving and mutual economic success.

When choosing our suppliers, we observe the rules of fair competition. Services and handicrafts skills required are mainly awarded regionally. Fixed quality standards, environmental performance and energy efficiency are all factored in equally.

We are committed to our investors

Our shareholders' capital is a responsibility that commits us to striving for maximum return. We meet our investors' expectations with demanding productivity goals. We measure the success of each activity against these ambitious goals.

Company profile

Glaswerk Ernstthal was founded in the year 1923.

Today, up to 600 tons of glass are melted daily in three glass melting tanks. This corresponds to a volume of 1.2 m glass containers.

Our company is focussed on producing white glass bottles for the beverage industry, on a large scale for the European spirits industry.

Special requirements for coloured bottles can be fulfilled by using feeder colouring. Three of nine state-of-the-art IS machines are equipped with colour feeders.


Glaswerk Ernstthal 1923

Products 1923
Bottles and glasses in various colours for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and technical industry.

Production 1923
Wood-burning spherical furnaces with a daily capacity of a few tons.

Glaswerk Ernstthal 1990

Products 1990
Bottles and glasses in various colours for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and technical industry.

Production 1990
One glass melting tank with a daily capacity of 50 tons.

Glaswerk Ernstthal 1996

Products 1996
Exclusive designer glass bottles as well as bottles in various colours for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Formatted: HighlightFormatted: Highlight

Production 1996
One glass melting tank with a daily capacity of 120 tons.

Glaswerk Ernstthal 2002

Products 2002
Spirits bottles, water bottles, exclusive designer glass bottles.

Production 2002
Two glass melting tanks with a daily capacity of 350 tons

Glaswerk Ernstthal 2016

Batch sizes
Production of small, medium and large batches of white glass. Production of small, medium and large batches of white glass and feeder colouring.

Production 2016
Three glass melting tanks with a daily capacity of 600 tons.

Current products
Spirits bottles, water bottles, exclusive designer glass bottles.

Product profile
Glass packaging for the food and semi-luxury food industry, especially for spirits, water, dressings, oils and designer glass and exclusive bottles.

Melting capacity
Production in three glass melting tanks with a total capacity exceeding 600 tons daily.

Product development

Competent product development from the first design draft to the batch bottle - all from the one hand.

We can offer six CAD workplaces, manned by innovative employees, at our locations in Ernstthal and Holzminden for the development of individual glass packaging, tailor-made according to our customers' requests.

We implement several hundred new glass bottles annually that are represented in our range of products.

We translate our customers' ideas and requests flexibly, creatively and quickly. We carefully prepare the introduction of new glass packaging, from the first draft to the technical drawing of the article in three-dimensional representation to a plastic or Perspex model.

Please do not hesitate to avail yourself of our services.


Raw materials

Container glass is created from the following raw materials, that are mainly natural resources:
· Silica sand
· Dolomite
· Limestone
· Feldspar
· Soda
· Small components
· Recycled glass
The exact composition of these raw materials (the "recipe") is called a batch in the glass industry.

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The batch is transported into the melting tank via an insertion machine. Here, the crystalline raw materials are transformed into glass at temperatures of approx 1,600 °C in the upper furnace. These temperatures are generated by natural gas flames that sweep over the glass bath and heat it up to more than 1,300 °C towards the bottom of the tank.

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The premould is the basis for optimal distribution of the glass through an article-specific forming of the moulding tooling and the mouth.

In the final mould, the article is blown up to its desired volume, using compressed air.

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Cooling processes



The still glowing bottles then cool off in so-called annealing lehrs. This process takes up to 90 minutes and prevents stresses within the glass.

Surface finishing provides for additional protection of the glass bottles.

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Quality controls

Computerised controls guarantee the high quality standard of the glass containers during the entire production process. This continuous product control ensures that faulty containers are detected and sorted out.

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A fully-automated, flexible packing technology permits packaging in different sizes and pallet formats. As per customer request, various means of packaging are used.


The finished bottles are stored in our logistics centre in Herrnberg. Six warehouses with a storage area of more than 36,000 m² allow for loading of 60 to 70 lorries daily. The bottles start their journey into the whole world by lorry or container from this site.

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Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH & Co. KG

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Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH

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